Pia introduces SmartForms Add-On: Revolutionizing client interaction automation 

Introducing Pia AI SmartForms

Sydney, Australia – November 2, 2023 — Pia, the leading ai-led automation platform for Managed Service providers (MSPs), is proud to unveil its latest breakthrough feature, SmartForms for Pia aiDesk. This powerful add-on promises to usher in a new era of client interaction automation and efficiency for MSPs worldwide. 

SmartForms, by Pia, is a meticulously designed add-on tailored to empower IT service desks to deliver a seamless and consistent client interaction experience with zero-touch automation. Its intuitive approach guides users through customized questions, enabling them to autonomously fulfill their IT requests without the need for engineering oversight. 

With the new SmartForms Add-on, Pia elevates the accuracy of data collection and seamlessly automates the end-to-end process of IT requests, eliminating the need for repetitive data handling and back-and-forth communication between engineers and clients. 

“With Pia SmartForms, we are empowering MSPs to transform their service desks and elevate their efficiency,” says Christian Pacheco, CEO of Pia aiDesk. “Our solution is designed to simplify data collection, reduce manual data entry, and provide real-time updates to clients, all while ensuring the highest level of accuracy.” 

Key Features of SmartForms: 

Digital Forms: Capture essential information effortlessly, eliminating manual data entry and boosting automation efficiency. 

Zero-Touch Automation: Clients can trigger automations themselves, reducing the need for engineering oversight and streamlining the entire process. 

Real-Time Data and Verification: Retrieve up-to-date client data instantly, with forms verified as they are filled out to maximize accuracy. 

End-to-End Visibility: Provide clients with real-time updates on their requests, ensuring full transparency from initiation to completion. 

Configuration Flexibility: Customize SmartForms to allow for either zero-touch or engineer-supervised operations, tailoring each form to unique needs. 

Universal Usage: Embed SmartForms into existing ticket portals or directly into client systems, offering ultimate flexibility for any operational setup. 

Pia cordially invites IT service desk operators to embark on a transformative journey in client interaction automation with Pia aiDesk’s SmartForms Add-on. To learn more about SmartForms and experience their capabilities firsthand, please visit our website pia.ai. Your path to enhanced efficiency and streamlined client interactions begins here. 

About Pia 

Pia aiDesk is the ultimate ai-led automation platform for MSPs, empowering them with improved efficiency, faster ticket management, and elevated customer service. Pia seamlessly integrates with your existing PSA, leveraging hyperautomation technologies to expedite the analysis, routing, and execution of repetitive tasks on your service desk. 

With 100+ automations and 50+ integrations straight out of the box, Pia’s globally patented aiDesk solution enables MSPs to reduce costs, improve client service time, increase employee satisfaction, and ensure consistent service delivery. For more information, visit: pia.ai

Media Contact:
Nic Ferraro
Pia, Chief Marketing Officer
+61 437 931 286

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