Unleash zero-touch automations with SmartForms

Step into a new era of client interaction automation and efficiency with SmartForms, Pia aiDesk's new feature, engineered to streamline your workflow while ensuring unprecedented accuracy and consistency.

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Pia aiDesk SmartForms features

Elevate your service desk's client engagement

Dynamic digital forms

Skip the manual entry by effortlessly capturing all necessary information directly from your clients through dynamically updated forms.

Zero-touch automation

Clients trigger automations themselves. No engineering oversight needed, streamlining the entire process.

Real-time data and verification

Retrieve up-to-date client data instantly. Forms are verified as they filled out for maximum accuracy.

End-to-end visibility

Provide clients with real-time updates on their requests. Full transparency from initiation to completion.

Configuration flexibility

Customize the SmartForm to allow either zero-touch or engineer-supervised operations. Tailor each form to your unique needs.

Use anywhere

Embed SmartForms into your existing ticket portals or directly into client systems. Ultimate flexibility for any operational setup.

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What your peers say about Pia

"What's happened is all of those highly repeatable tickets have really been taken away from the service desk and done by the Pia Champion [using auto triage]. What we've found is that this has really freed up our level one [technicians] to get into some more technical tickets. And honestly, it's probably contributing to them all elevating and upskilling."
Madeline McKenna | KM Tech
IT Service Desk Manager

SmartForms FAQ

SmartForms is a Pia aiDesk feature that enhances client interaction automation and efficiency.

ConnectWise and Autotask. HaloPSA will be available in the second half of 2024.

SmartForms currently offers the most popular automation packages, including:

  • User Onboarding (New User)
  • User Offboarding (Terminate User)
  • Account Locked Out
  • Change Calendar Permissions
  • Create or Remove a Mail Forwarding Rule
  • Grant or Revoke Mailbox Access
  • IT Request
  • Reset Network Password
  • Setup Out of Office

More automation packages are being developed and will be added to SmartForms in the near future.

All SmartForms automation packages can be deployed in Cloud hybrid and cloud-only environments. Some SmartForms automation is also available in prem-only and semi-hybrid environments. For more details, please visit https://pia.ai/automations/.

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