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Based on 10 automations, Pia aiDesk has over 50

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Total ticket you process per month

Ticket Type Tickets / month Eng Time / ticket Pia Time / ticket
New/Onboard User
15 min
Terminate/Offboard User
10 min
Reset Password
5 min
Mailbox Management
5 min
Add/Remove User from Groups
3 min
Get/Change User Details
5 min
Manage User Licenses
5 min
Application Install
5 min
Other -- --

You will save

hrs / month

Based on 10 automations, Pia aiDesk has over 50

To enter your own ticketing system stats and get a personalised ROI calculation, please access this page on a tablet or desktop.

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Well, it gets even better

More than hours & dollars saved

Your return on investment goes well beyond just the money saved

Improve service time
Improve service
time for clients
Same-day resolution is a key performance indicator in ITSM. Pia provides up to eight times faster ticket resolution times.
Increase employee satisfaction
Increase employee
Demotivated staff and high turnover occurs due to the repetitive nature of service desk tasks. Pia allows employees to upskill, turning their focus to career progression.
Consistent service
Provide consistency in service delivery
Clients are demanding faster responses and resolutions with quality and consistent outcomes. Pia provides consistency at a level not only expected, but also valued by your clients.
Focus on revenue
Focus on revenue
generating activities
Typically, service staff spend too much time focused on reactive issues rather than proactive revenue-generating activities. Pia manages time-consuming tasks, which allows the team to focus on value-adding activities.

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