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Pia's dedication to stringent information security management is exemplified by our agent-based architecture approach. We intricately design our platform, following the highest industry standards, to create resilient, scalable, and highly secure cloud applications

Security lock and key

Our security program adheres to the highest standard certifications



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ISO 27001



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Pia security features

Robust data protection at every layer

Multi-layered data security

Pia's infrastructure is designed with multiple layers of protection to guarantee the security of your data during transmission, storage, and processing. These safeguards include encryption, least privilege access, and rigorous secure software development practices.

Operational security

Our infosec team conducts regular third-party audits, penetration tests, and deploys new security controls. We actively monitor Pia's platform and infrastructure for any signs of malicious activity across our physical data centers, networks, and IT devices

In-platform security

Pia delivers robust in-platform data protection and advanced administrative controls. IT admins can securely deploy Pia utilizing two-factor authentication, single-sign-on, and encryption protocols, enhancing data visibility and control without compromising user-friendliness.

Agent-based architecture for enhanced security and efficiency

Providing proactive and distributed security monitoring and response at every step and on every device.

Security how it work

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