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Pia's users get immediate access to a versatile support ecosystem—from robust onboarding to a dynamic community and comprehensive knowledge base—setting you on a path to operational excellence.

Customer Service

Knowldge @ Pia

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Unlock Pia aiDesk’s full potential with our in-depth knowledge base. Start your automation journey with user manuals and quickly master prebuilt automations through our video walkthroughs. Want more? Dive into code samples and learn how to create your own custom automations. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, find all the information you need to automate smarter, not harder.

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Pia's Dev

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Join the Pia Dev Community on Discord to connect with fellow Pia users and our experts. Share insights, discuss challenges, and plan your path to automation success. Got questions? Our automations experts are ready to provide the answers and guidance you need to elevate your automation game. It’s not just a forum; it’s your gateway to mastering Pia and joining a global network.

Robust onboarding

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Pia has a team of technical experts who specialize in implementing projects using the best industry practices and methodologies.

Our standard implementation time frame is 4-6 weeks, but we can shorten it to 2 weeks to meet your specific needs.

We offer a phased implementation strategy that begins with setting up and deploying approximately 10 clients with around 500 licensed endpoints in roughly two weeks, which then gets validated through rigorous ticket testing to ensure smooth integration with Pia’s platform.

Following the successful implementation of stage one, our team will proceed to stage two, where our Technical Account Manager (TAM) will provide continued support for the deployment and configuration of the remaining clients and endpoint licenses.

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Multifaceted Support FAQ

Unlock the full potential of Pia aiDesk through our comprehensive Knowledge @ Pia. Dive into user manuals, video walkthroughs, and code samples—whether you’re a beginner or an expert, find all the resources to automate smarter, not harder.
Join our vibrant Pia Dev Community to connect with global users and experts. More than just a forum, it’s your gateway to mastering Pia. Discuss insights, overcome challenges, and elevate your automation game with personalized guidance.
Discover what sets Pia apart in its onboarding process, highlighted by the seamlessly integrated multifaceted support feature. Implement this powerful automation platform swiftly, customizing versatile support channels for an adaptive and efficient user experience.
Following a successful implementation, our dedicated Technical Account Manager ensures continued support. Join the Success Circle, a global community of 100+ partners, and witness the transformative impact of Pia’s AI-led automation on IT service desks.
Join the Success Circle, a community of 100+ partners globally, and witness the impact of Pia’s AI-led automation. Connect, share insights, and embark on a collaborative journey toward IT success with Pia aiDesk—your gateway to unmatched automation excellence.

Join Pia aiDesk's Success Circle

Be part of the thriving community of 500+ partners worldwide, who have already supercharged their IT service desk with Pia's AI-led automation platform. Discover the Pia difference today!

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