Unleashing the full potential of automation

At Pia, we aim to share the full potential of hyperautomation with the world and become essential to our partners by streamlining processes, freeing up resources, and improving operational efficiencies.

We are

We are a technology business fuelled by our people’s passion and commitment. A passion and commitment to do things that are truly world-first.

From humble beginnings as a regional-based MSP to an award-winning national brand and the birth of our Intelligent Automation platform, Pia is the result of recognizing that Hyperautomation and Artificial Intelligence could solve many of the issues faced day-to-day by MSPs and Enterprise IT service management.

We ‘get kicks’ out of solving long-standing problems that no one else can.


Say hi to Pia aiDesk, the first cognitive digital employee that will transform your business by taking an AI-first approach to improving operational efficiency through process optimisation.

to live by

Pia’s core values are the foundation of our culture and influence who we are, what we do, and who we invite to be part of our team. They are the bedrock of our being and will remain steadfast as we grow.


We are passionate about our work because we love what we do.


We aim to evolve constantly and find new ways to simplify complexities.


We strive to share the power and potential of Automation with the world, one partner at a time.


We are committed to being accessible & available to every employee and partner alike.


Everything that we do, is with utmost and uncompromising honesty & integrity.

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Pia Intelligent Automation Platform

Pia’s Intelligent Automation platform is a combination of Hyperautomation technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Robotic Process Automation, and the Pia Chatbot. It will allow you to reduce business costs, improve service time for clients, increase employee satisfaction, deliver consistent service, and place an increased focus on value-adding activities.


Pia is proud and honored to continuously be recognized all around the globe for its creation of services and solutions that are at the forefront of innovation.

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Pia is also vendor agnostic, working with the best in the business, ensuring we adapt to working within your environment, enhancing your people and processes for the greater good.