Supercharge your IT
service desk.

Introducing Pia – a patented, first of its kind Intelligent Automation platform that integrates with existing ITSM tools to simplify processes, free up resources and improve operational efficiencies.

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Why Pia?

Up to


8X faster ticket

+400%improvement in ticket closure rates

What does Pia deliver to your business?

An AI-first approach to improving operational efficiency through process optimisation

Reduce business costs
business costs

Labor expenses usually represent the biggest cost to a business. Pia helps to eliminate duplication of effort and time, making use of technology and automation.

Improve service
time for clients

Same day resolution is a key performance indicator in ITSM. Pia provides up to eight-times faster ticket resolution times.

Employee satisfaction
Increase employee

Demotivated staff and high turnover occurs due to the repetitive nature of service desk tasks. Pia allows employees to upskill, turning their focus to career progression.

Provide consistency in
service delivery

Clients are demanding faster responses and resolutions with quality and consistent outcomes. Pia provides consistency at a level not only expected, but also valued by your clients.

Focus on revenue
generating activities

Typically, service staff spend too much time focused on reactive issues rather than proactive revenue-generating activities. Pia manages time-consuming tasks, which allows the team to focus on value-adding activities.

Pia integrates with your PSA

Security and compliance
at the highest levels


ISO27001 Accreditation

ISO 27001



Get ROI from Day 1

See how much time your service desk engineers could save with Pia aiDesk

Say Hello to Pia

Pia allows our partners to evolve their business, by working within your
environment and integrating with your existing ITSM tools.
Customer focused

Customer Focused

Tracks interaction, patterns and timeframes to complete requests, advising if a job needs to be escalated
Ticket reader

Ticket Reader

Reviews user requests and tickets


Rosters and schedules work to engineers
Digital Engineer

Digital Engineer

Physically logs in to networks, laptops and servers
Confidence rater

Confidence Rater

Determines complexity and attempts to resolve or allocate to an engineer
API friendly

API Friendly

Fully integrated with Microsoft Azure and O365, Kaseya and ConnectWise


To the right person in real time via web portal, chat bot, Android, iOS apps, email, and SMS

Pia is available worldwide

With Pia’s fast growth, we have been able to expand our customer base to all corners of the world.

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New Zealand

United States


United Kingdom

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