AI-led automation made for MSPs

Supercharge your IT service desk with Pia aiDesk, a powerful MSP automation platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing PSA for improved efficiency, faster ticket management, and elevated customer service.

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Why Pia aiDesk?

Pia aiDesk revolutionizes your service desk with advanced AI automation, retaining and applying insights learned from past experiences, guaranteeing knowledge accessibility, even when key staff is away.

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Reduction in service ticket workload

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Uplift in customer service satisfaction

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Increase in employee retention

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Pia aiDesk Benefits

Streamline your business operations

Pia aiDesk leverages advanced AI automation, including MSP Automation and AI for MSPs, to optimize and refine workflows, boosting operational efficiency.

business costs
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Labor costs can be burdensome for businesses. Pia aiDesk leverages AI-led automation, including MSP Automation, to reduce redundancy and save time.

Improve clients' service time
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Achieve up to 400% improvement in ticket closure rates, achieving same-day resolution, a critical ITSM performance indicator, all powered by AI for MSPs.

Provide consistent service delivery
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Clients expect prompt and quality outcomes. Pia offers reliable consistency that exceeds expectations and enhances client relationships through AI for MSPs.

Prioritize revenue driving work
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Pia aiDesk tackles tedious tasks, allowing your staff to focus on proactive revenue generating tasks rather than reactive issues.

Maximize your service desk ROI with Pia aiDesk

Uncover the unmatched time-saving capabilities Pia aiDesk delivers for your engineers.

Pia aiDesk Features

Revolutionize your service desk with robust capabilities

Seamless Integration

Pia seamlessly integrates with your existing PSA tool, bringing the chatbot and automation right into your engineers' ticketing system.

Extended Platform

Use our 60+ pre-built automations or create your own custom automations to take your service desk productivity to the next level.

AI-Assisted Ticket Triage

No more manual ticket handling! Pia aiDesk's AI-driven ticket triage system efficiently categorizes and routes tickets.

Ultimate Security

Be at ease knowing that Pia's ISO 2700,  SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR certifications ensure your data is safeguarded and fully compliant.

Seamless integration with your favorite tools

Pia integrates effortlessly with the daily tools your MSP relies on, continuously adding new integrations to the mix.

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Don’t just take our word for it

"We are already seeing the impact of Pia aiDesk. We did it almost from day one. We did it in two ways: first of all, the technicians and really everybody's using it, they like it. We are also seeing that the time to resolve tickets is coming down, and because we're running more through Pia and more automations, we're able to respond faster."
Mike Jackson | Pendello Solutions


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