Upgrade your PSA with Pia aiDesk seamless integration

Pia aiDesk's chatbot integrates natively with your support engineer's ticketing system, taking conversations right to their workspace for a streamlined workflow.

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Pia aiDesk PSA Integration features

Enhancing your service desk productivity

Seamless chatbot integration

PiaDesk's chatbot integrates directly into your ticketing system, enabling your engineers to interact with it without having to leave their familiar environment.

Centralized control

Eliminate the hassle of logging into client environments. Operate directly from the ticket, enjoying full control, live updates, and issue alerts, all within the service request.

Supercharged multitasking

Run tickets simultaneously, shifting focus as needed. Streamline your workflow by moving on to the next task while Pia takes care of the current one in the background using AI for MSP.

Unified interface

Experience seamless MSP integration with your Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform, ensuring a unified interface and streamlined processes.

Audit Logs and Ticket Notes

Pia aiDesk adds audit logs as notes to your tickets, keeping your ticketing system as the single source of truth and maintaining a comprehensive record of interactions.

Data querying

Pia aiDesk's chatbot fetches vital MSP automation data, reducing manual entries and freeing up valuable time for your engineers.


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PSA Integration FAQ

Pia aiDesk seamlessly integrates into your ticketing system, allowing engineers to interact with the chatbot without leaving their familiar environment. This integration streamlines processes and boosts overall productivity.
Centralized control eliminates the need to log into client environments separately. Engineers can operate directly from the ticket, gaining full control, receiving live updates, and getting issue alerts, all within the service request interface.
With Pia aiDesk, engineers can run multiple tickets simultaneously, allowing them to shift focus as needed. This feature enables a streamlined workflow by allowing users to move on to the next task while the chatbot takes care of the current one in the background.
Pia aiDesk offers seamless integration with your PSA platform, ensuring a unified interface. This integration results in streamlined processes, making it easier for IT professionals to manage tasks and requests efficiently.
Pia aiDesk adds audit logs as notes to your tickets, ensuring that your ticketing system remains the single source of truth. This feature helps in maintaining a thorough record of all interactions and activities related to service requests.

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