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Blacktip IT's Operational Revolution with Pia aiDesk

Uncover the success story of Blacktip IT and see how Pia aiDesk transformed their IT offerings! Dive into their progress towards 75% faster ticket resolutions, unmatched customer satisfaction, and remarkable cost savings.

Pendello Shelf

Dive into the dynamic partnership between Pia aiDesk and Pendello Solutions, where cutting-edge technology meets innovative IT strategies to catapult businesses into a future of unparalleled efficiency and ironclad security.

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Platform24 transparent

Discover how Platform 24, a premier MSP, utilized Pia aiDesk to transform their ticketing operations. This partnership greatly improved operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction via advanced IT service management.

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Explore Ziptech Services’ journey with Pia aiDesk through CEO Jim Simpson’s eyes. From choosing Pia aiDesk to onboarding and operational impact, this testimonial reveals how AI boosts IT support efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Andy Frymire, Director of Operations at Intermix IT, shares how Pia’s automation platform revolutionized their service delivery, scalability, and client satisfaction. A must-watch for MSPs aiming to elevate their business strategy

Brett Chalmers, CEO of Nuclear IT, reveals Pia aiDesk’s transformative effect, slashing ticket resolution times by 35-50%, advancing IT support through automation and SmartForms for self-service, boosting client satisfaction and security.

KM Tech’s IT Service Desk Manager, Madeline McKenna, reveals how Pia aiDesk revolutionizes operations: significantly boosting team efficiency, attracting top industry talent, and accelerating their success journey. 

Jon Joyner, COO at ATA Technologies, illustrates how Pia aiDesk revolutionized their help desk by substantially streamlining ticket resolutions, minimizing manual tasks, and greatly enhancing overall operational efficiency and agility.

Ethan Farlow, COO of ComTech Network Solutions, delves into the transformative journey of integrating Pia’s aiDesk into their existing PSA, showcasing how our platform has enhanced ComTech’s technical prowess and operational efficiency.

Solarus Technologies’ Co-founder, Matthew Nikravesh, shares the company’s success with the Pia aiDesk, highlighting its ability to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft CSP, achieve notable ROI, and pioneer client authentication automations.

Mike Jackson, President of Pendello Solutions, showcases the company’s evolution with Pia aiDesk, increasing efficiency and accuracy and fostering smarter work. See how AI automation transformed their service desks.

Emma Bookspan, Tech Ops Manager at Blacktip IT, unveils how Pia aiDesk revolutionized its IT services, leading to 75% quicker ticket resolutions, unparalleled customer delight, and significant cost efficiencies.

Kevin Studley, CEO of The Network Pro Inc., details the transformative effects of Pia aiDesk on their service desk. He highlights how it has expedited ticket resolutions, boosted the job satisfaction of help desk technicians, and notably enhanced client satisfaction.

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