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Pendello's Transition to Automation with Pia aiDesk

Dive into the dynamic partnership between Pia aiDesk and Pendello Solutions, where cutting-edge technology meets innovative IT strategies to catapult businesses into a future of unparalleled efficiency and ironclad security.

Company Profile

Pendello Solutions is a managed IT solutions provider based in the Kansas City area. It caters to small and medium-sized businesses. Pendello Solutions focuses on offering insights into the latest technology while imparting expertise to integrate this technology seamlessly into business processes, aiming to help companies surpass their expectations.

The Challenge

Pendello Solutions, as a progressive business, recognized a pressing need to incorporate automation into their daily operations. Despite exploring potential tools and applications, Pendello found it challenging to introduce a level of automation that would significantly reduce the time needed to handle client concerns and optimize internal operations.

Key Issues:

  • Address client concerns with promptness and efficiency.
  • Streamline internal processes for enhanced team productivity.
  • Stay abreast of and adopt the latest advancements in automation and AI.

Why Pia aiDesk

Pendello needed an intelligent automation platform capable of handling end-to-end service tickets and resolving a substantial fraction autonomously. Their objective extended beyond just adopting a tool; they sought a partner attuned to Pendello’s vision and could augment their operations seamlessly.

Pia aiDesk, a sophisticated yet user-friendly automation platform crafted expressly for MSPs, became Pendello’s strategy’s focal point. Recognizing the intricate relationship between operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business costs, Pia aiDesk fulfilled Pendello’s ambitious business objectives and bolstered their efforts to elevate the customer experience.

Key attributes that made Pia aiDesk an optimal choice:

  1. Out-of-the-Box Automations: Offering extensive and ready-to-use automations, Pia aiDesk ensured minimal initial setup, appealing to the efficiency-driven approach of Pendello.
  2. Robust & User-Friendly Onboarding: Pia aiDesk promised an onboarding experience that was both robust in its approach and tailored to user ease. True to its word, Pendello transitioned smoothly, completing the entire process from agreement to full deployment in just a few weeks.
  3. Efficient Management of High Ticket Volume: The platform adeptly managed the regular adds, changes, and removals within Pendello’s clientele, offering a solution to a previously cumbersome manual process.
  4. Easy Integration with Existing Processes: Pia aiDesk’s design ensured effortless integration, making the shift from Pendello’s manual processes straightforward.
  5. User-Centric Interface: The Graphical User Interface (GUI) was crafted keeping users in mind, ensuring accessibility even for those without deep technical expertise.
Onboarding with Pia was pretty simple. We went from signature to deployed across our entire client database and our primary engineers using it in less than six weeks, and that was the full configuration of everything
- Mike Jackson, Pendello Solutions President

The results

Once the implementation was in place, Pendello noticed clear benefits almost immediately:

Technician Feedback

Technicians appreciated the tool, finding it intuitive and effective. Continuous improvements and adaptive automations piqued interest, leading team members to suggest further applications and improvements.

Efficiency & Quality

There was a significant reduction in time per ticket, indicating improved efficiency in issue resolution. Automation allowed even those with limited technical skills to execute advanced configurations, ensuring a consistent and accurate setup, which in turn boosted service quality.

Client Satisfaction

Errors became less frequent, resulting in increased client satisfaction. The consistency in service led to fewer client complaints about errors or missed aspects.

Partnership with Pia

The collaboration with the Pia team was commendable due to shared goals and principles. This partnership met Pendello’s immediate needs and set the stage for future technological innovations and collaborations.

To sum up, Pendello Solutions’ partnership with Pia was a significant milestone, bringing efficiency, enhancing client satisfaction, and paving the way for continued technological advancement.

About Pia aiDesk

Pia aiDesk is an intelligent automation platform that integrates with existing IT service management tools to streamline processes, free up resources, and boost operational efficiencies for managed services providers (MSPs).

Pia combines hyperautomation technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation, and the Pia Chatbot to quickly analyze, route, and action repetitive tasks, such as user creation, password or virtual private network (VPN) resets, domain name system (DNS) flushing, and active administration changes.

Pia’s globally patented aiDesk solution enables MSPs to reduce business costs, improve client service time, increase employee satisfaction, and deliver consistent service.

We are already seeing the impact [of Pia aiDesk]. We did it almost from day one. We did it in two ways: first of all, the technicians and really everybody's using it, they like it. So it's fun to utilize it, especially as the automations continue to advance; technicians want to use it, and it picks their interest in terms of "What's next? What else could we do with this?". We are also seeing that the time to resolve tickets is coming down, and because we're running more through Pia and more automations, we're able to respond faster.
- Mike Jackson, Pendello Solutions President

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