Boosting your service desk efficiency with custom automations

In addition to Pia aiDeks's 60+ pre-built automations and integrations, our custom automation capabilities enable you to automate virtually anything you want, streamlining your workflow, enhancing customer experiences, and significantly boosting your team's productivity.

Pia aiDesk custom automations features

Closing the automation gap with custom automations

Pia aiDesk’s automation engine executes automation packages and manages the timing and coordination of each step, tracking inputs, outputs, and the overall flow of execution.

Use the Chatbot for inquiries and updates

Easily communicate with engineers in real-time using the chatbot, gather necessary information, report issues, and provide your support team with immediate access to crucial resources.

Seamless ticketing system integration

Optimize your workflow by retrieving information and updating your ticket system seamlessly within your automation, eliminating the need to switch between applications.


Easily set up automations to execute at specific times, relieving your team from tedious task management and ensuring timely task fulfillment.

Client-specific configuration

Tailor configurations to cater to the unique requirements of individual clients, ensuring a personalized experience for each customer, and enhancing overall client satisfaction.

API integration

Enhance your workflow by integrating with external services and APIs, which allows for expanded capabilities and access to valuable data and functionality.

Real-time monitoring

Whether initiated via Pia Chatbox or scheduled automation, track every step of your automation and get access to ive activity log output of a running automation.

Ready to go automations and integrations

We’ve taken care of the heavy lifting – 60+ prebuilt automations and numerous integrations, all set up and ready to enhance your engineering tasks.

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Custom Development FAQ

Pia aiDesk’s custom automation capabilities empower you to automate virtually anything, bridging the automation gap and significantly boosting your team’s productivity. Discover how these custom automations streamline workflows and enhance customer experiences.
Pia aiDesk’s Automation Engine orchestrates custom automations, ensuring precise execution, efficient workflows, and real-time monitoring for streamlined and highly productive service desk operations.
The Pia aiDesk Chatbot facilitates real-time communication, allowing engineers to inquire, report issues, and access crucial resources instantly, fostering seamless collaboration and efficient support within the service desk.
Learn how Pia aiDesk optimizes workflows by seamlessly integrating with ticketing systems. Discover how information retrieval and updates within your automation eliminate the need to switch between applications, enhancing overall efficiency.
Pia aiDesk seamlessly integrates with ticketing systems, facilitating streamlined workflows by retrieving information and updating tickets within automations, eliminating the need to switch between applications and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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