Streamline your workflow with
AI-powered ticket triage

Streamline your workflow with
AI-powered ticket triage

Boost your service desk's efficiency with Pia aiDesk's inventive Ticket Triage feature. Using advanced AI classification and pre-set mapping rules, it effectively categorizes and directs incoming support tickets to the right team or board.

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How it works

Pia aiDesk leverages the power of AI and hyperautomation to quickly assess, categorize, and assign service tickets.

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Pia aiDesk PSA Ticket Traige features

Optimizing your workflow for maximum efficiency

AI-driven ticket clasification

Pia aiDesk utilizes AI classification and predefined mapping rules to automatically categorize and label incoming support tickets, streamlining ticket handling.

Advanced routing rules

AiDesk utilizes routing rules that are both condition and action-based, prioritizing narrow rules initially, and expanding to broader ones as necessary.

Workflow customization

Use Pia's advanced mapping and routing tools, to perfectly tailor your workflow, using simple, board-specific, or advanced rules to fully control your ticket-handling process.

Efficient rule organization

Pia aiDesk provides an organized and efficient way to view and manage your mapping and routing rules, streamlining and simplifying rule management.

Optimizaed performance

Pia aiDesk's ticket triage functionaly is designed to minimally impact system performance, ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience.

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