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All Pia aiDesk's features work together to enhance efficiency and supercharge productivity.

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PSA Integration

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At Pia, we develop technology that adapts to the way your business operates. That’s why Pia aiDesk integrates with your existing PSA tool, delivering the chatbot and automation processes into your technicians’ ticketing setup and ensuring an effortless, seamless workflow that keeps your PSA as the reliable source of truth.

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Ticket Triage

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Experience the future of ticket handling with Pia aiDesk’s AI-driven triage system. Say goodbye to manual sorting; our advanced system swiftly categorizes and directs tickets to the right team or board. Beyond simplification, its flexible rules let you craft a ticketing process that perfectly aligns with your operational needs, streamlining every step.


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Use Pia aiDesk 60+ pre-built automations and integrations to streamline your engineering tasks or create your own custom automations to expand your service desk efficiency. From integrating with the chatbot to integrating with external services, custom automations will improve customer experience and boost your team’s productivity.

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SmartForms Add-on by Pia is an advanced feature meticulously crafted to empower IT service desks to deliver a seamless and uniform client interaction experience. It achieves this by intuitively guiding users with precisely tailored questions to automatically fulfill their IT requests without the need for engineering oversight. 


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With Pia aiDesk, you will experience secure efficiency with our ISO 27001, SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR certifications. Capitalize on real-time task execution, smart interoperability, and scalability. Rest assured that your data is well-protected and within regulatory bounds, allowing you to focus on business growth and delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

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Support Channels

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Pia aiDesk offers versatile support at your fingertips: a detailed knowledge base, a Discord channel where our automation experts will answer all your queries, a robust onboarding process, and an engaging community of Pia aiDesk users to converse with. Tap into the collective expertise for effective assistance and develop a robust ecosystem for achieving operational success with Pia aiDesk.


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