Pia Appoints New CEO, Adds New Integration, and Acquires Triafy to Further Propel Its Leadership in AI-led Automation for MSPs 

Pia appoints New CEO Gerwai Todd & Innovations

Tampa, Florida (February 28, 2024) – A pioneer and global leader in the domain of AI-led automation solutions tailored for managed services providers (MSPs), Pia is thrilled to announce the appointment of Gerwai Todd as its new chief executive officer, following an extensive, global search process. Todd will succeed founding CEO Christian Pacheco. 

On the appointment of Todd, Pacheco stated that while he is proud of what the company has achieved over the last 18 months, with most partners now being based in North America, the time was right to appoint the company’s most senior leader in the US. 

“What Gerwai brings to the table is unparalleled experience in growing and scaling a business, but not only that, given our history of being born and bred out of an MSPs for MSPs, Gerwai understands the challenges that MSP owners face and how they can benefit from automation. We spent a considerable amount of time searching for the right leader to take Pia forward, and in Gerwai, we have found a natural fit with his experience and vision. I’m excited for what we can achieve with him at the helm.” 

Todd, who is currently the CEO of TimeZest, a company that helps MSPs schedule meetings seamlessly by integrating with their PSA, will take on this new role while continuing in his current capacity as CEO of TimeZest. While maintaining dual leadership roles, Pia and TimeZest will remain separate companies, supported by their respective executive leadership teams. 

“I am proud to join Pia, which has set the standard as the trailblazer in MSP AI-led automation. What they have achieved over the last 18 months since launch is nothing short of phenomenal, and I look forward to working with existing partners, contributing to, and leading the next phase of the company’s growth as we continue to mature as a platform and as a business.” 

Pia integrates with TimeZest

In addition, Pia will integrate with TimeZest, providing MSPs with the seamless ability to categorize tickets in Pia and initiate the scheduling workflow when ticket resolution requires a technician to meet with an end user. 

This integration will benefit existing and future Pia and TimeZest customers by bringing together even more workflows and processes with the aim of promoting more efficient, effective, and client-driven MSPs. 

Pia Acquires Triafy 

As part of this appointment, Pia has also fully acquired Todd’s company, Triafy, an AI triage product he launched in 2019. The financial terms of the deal are not being publicly disclosed. 

“Applying AI to MSP use cases has been a passion project of mine for several years,” he said. “At Triafy, we launched the first AI solution for categorizing and triaging help desk tickets. The progress that has been made with AI technology since 2019 is a massive advancement and has unlocked amazing possibilities for MSPs. The team at Pia shares the same vision as me and built their AI-led automation from within their MSP, Virtual IT Group (VITG). They have proven that AI-enabled technicians can work and close twice as many tickets in a day. The operational efficiencies have been game-changing for VITG and Pia partners. I’m excited to join forces with the Pia team and to be part of reinventing how MSPs will operate in the new AI-enabled business model.” 

Pia will continue to be based within Tampa, FL, and Wollongong, NSW, Australia, symbolizing its sustained commitment to innovation and global outreach. 

For further information, please contact Nic Ferraro (Pia) or Seth Wilson (TimeZest) using the details below. 


  1. Will Pia and TimeZest merge as a result of this announcement? No, they will not; they will remain independent companies. 
  2. How will Pia and TimeZest work together? Pia will integrate with TimeZest to provide MSPs with the seamless ability to categorize tickets in Pia and initiate the scheduling workflow when ticket resolution requires a technician to meet an end user. 
  3. What about Triafy? Triafy will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pia. 
  4. What is the impact to Pia or TimeZest customers? There will be no impact to existing or new Pia or TimeZest customers. 
  5. Will Pia still maintain a presence in Australia? Yes, as a Global company, Pia will continue to maintain leadership roles and employees in their present locations in Australia, the US, and the UK. 
  6. Who can I contact for more information or to set up an interview with Gerwai Todd?Please contact Nic Ferraro (nic.ferraro@pia.ai) or Seth Wilson (seth@timezest.com

About Pia

Pia aiDesk is the ultimate ai-led automation platform for MSPs, empowering them with improved efficiency, faster ticket management, and elevated customer service. Pia seamlessly integrates with your existing PSA, leveraging hyperautomation technologies to expedite the analysis, routing, and execution of repetitive tasks on your service desk.

With 100+ automations and integrations straight out of the box, Pia’s globally patented aiDesk solution enables MSPs to reduce costs, improve client service time, increase employee satisfaction, and ensure consistent service delivery. For more information, visit: pia.ai.

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