Pia Integrates with HaloPSA for Streamlined IT Service Management 

Pia integrates with Halo PSA

Sydney, Australia – October 26, 2023 — Pia, the leading ai-led automation platform for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), has announced a strategic integration with HaloPSA, a highly-regarded integrated PSA platform. The partnership aims to improve IT service operations by leveraging advanced technologies to enhance efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Pia integrates seamlessly with HaloPSA’s ticketing system, providing IT support technicians easy access through the HaloPSA interface. This eliminates the need to log in separately to client environments, allowing HaloPSA users to handle multiple tickets efficiently and achieve faster response times.

Pia offers HaloPSA users an extensive library of 60+ pre-built automations that address service desk tasks, such as updating user details, resetting passwords, granting mailbox permissions, troubleshooting network drives, terminating users, and many more. Furthermore, users can configure their own custom automations to meet their unique requirements, thereby enhancing flexibility and adaptability. 

By integrating Pia with HaloPSA, organizations can now provide their IT service desks with a comprehensive solution that streamlines processes, optimizes resources, and enhances operational efficiencies. The partnership leverages the strengths of both platforms to equip MSPs with the tools necessary for success in today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape.

“With this innovative integration, we are empowering MSPs and IT professionals to embrace a new era of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our collaboration with HaloPSA redefines how IT service operations are conducted, and it reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for our partners,” stated Nic Ferraro, Chief Marketing Officer of Pia

Morgan Aspinall, Product Manager at HolaPSA, said, “We’re excited to announce Pia’s integration with HaloPSA, and look forward to providing MSPs with a means of further automating their operations. By leveraging both HaloPSA’s extensive Service Desk capabilities and Pia’s comprehensive automations, MSPs will expect to see a great improvement in their operational efficiency. We look forward to working with Pia in the coming months and years!”

To learn more about how the Pia and HaloPSA integration can benefit your organization, please visit pia.ai

About Pia

Pia is an ai-led automation platform that integrates with existing IT service management tools to streamline processes, free up resources, and boost operational efficiencies for managed services providers (MSPs). Pia combines hyperautomation technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation, and the Pia Chatbot to quickly analyze, route, and action repetitive tasks, such as user creation, password or virtual private network (VPN) resets, domain name system (DNS) flushing, and active administration changes.  

Pia’s globally patented aiDesk solution enables MSPs to reduce business costs, improve client service time, increase employee satisfaction, and deliver consistent service. For more information, visit: pia.ai.

About HaloPSA

HaloPSA is a single, all-inclusive solution, designed for MSPs. HaloPSA gives you the power to manage your comprehensive service desk with powerful ITIL-aligned out-of-the-box functionality. With an integrated PSA platform, you will experience features such as time-tracking and billing, advanced reporting, asset management, remote access, seamless integrations, automation tools, and more. Tailored to your requirements with an intuitive UI, you can remedy your client issues with an unlimited PSA solution. For more information, visit halopsa.com.

Media Contact:
Nic Ferraro
Pia, Chief Marketing Officer
+61 437 931 286

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