How can MSPs benefit from Hyperautomation? 

How can MSPs benefit from Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation is a new frontier for MSPs looking to automate everything possible on the service desk. It shifts the focus of automation from point-based to holistic—augmenting workflows and absorbing high-volume, repetitive tasks, and enabling technician staff to do their work faster and with higher consistency.  

MSPs can achieve scale and growth (without risking technician burnout) by applying hyperautomation to many of the tasks that dominate technician workloads and limit productivity, like password resets and new user setup.  

To date, rules-based automation tools have not managed to significantly absorb these types of tasks. With hyperautomation, the addition of machine intelligence extends the range of tasks and processes that can be automated. Leading-edge technologies like machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and robotic process automation (RPA) are brought together with business process automation software to deliver significantly higher-value use cases.  

How does hyperautomation transform service desk operations? 

AI enhances automation systems to contextually respond to events—to identify and take the next best action. Typically, when a ticket hits the service desk, a technician will read it for context and follow a series of steps to triage the request, identify potential solutions, communicate to the end-user, and then perform the required actions to solve it. A hyperautomation system would use NLP capabilities to read the ticket, gaining useful context that it can reference against vast stores of data to identify the best solution. It can then communicate to the end user through an AI chatbot.  

Through that same virtual agent, it can communicate with the technician as well, serving up its recommendations and guiding the technician through the process of solving the ticket. And what really transforms service desk operations is the integration with the MSPs’ remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA) software that enables the system to access the client’s environment and perform the backend tasks. The technician only needs to click a few buttons to validate the system’s findings and start the process of fixing the issue. 

Hyperautomation takes the labor away from the technician, performing all the same steps automatically and with higher levels of accuracy and speed.  

Key Benefits for MSPs 

This equates to significant time and cost savings for MSPs through higher efficiency, service quality, and client and technician satisfaction. With a hyperautomation system in place, every similar ticket is solved the same way, in the same amount of time. No accidents, no technician errors, no missed steps in the process. And as the system learns from every incident, it improves accuracy over time. That means that more tickets can be addressed, technician utilization rates improve, and the number of reworked tickets decreases.    

As a result, both technician and client satisfaction improves. Technicians no longer have to spend potentially 30 minutes to an hour on each ticket, performing the same type of task but in a different client environment. And end users receive immediate responses from the system, and their issue is resolved much faster.  

MSPs that deploy hyperautomation systems will become fierce competitors, leveraging their cost and time savings to improve client relations, grow their client base, extend their service offerings, and invest in their technician staff’s career development.  

How Pia delivers hyperautomation for MSPs? 

Pia aiDesk was born as a hyperautomation platform to help MSPs automate L0-L2 service desk tickets. While no two days on the service desk are the same, the tasks are. A technician on a typical day might solve 8-10 tickets, many of them requiring the same action. With a fully implemented Pia aiDesk, you can see that number go up to 40-50 tickets consistently.  

Pia aiDesk absorbs up to 50% of technician workloads automatically, solving tickets up to 8x faster, with an over 400% improvement in ticket closure rates. That’s the power of having a consistent approach, using technology to orchestrate the backend processes and using AI chatbots to create an intuitive front-end experience for technicians to address each ticket.  

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