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Blacktip IT's Operational Revolution with Pia aiDesk

Dive into the Blacktip IT success story to discover how Pia aiDesk revolutionized their IT services! Explore their journey to 75% quicker ticket resolutions, unparalleled customer delight, and significant cost efficiencies.

Company Profile

Blacktip IT, a highly successful managed services provider (MSP) based in Florida, offers specialized experience to enhance business operations significantly. The firm is committed to providing comprehensive, white-glove service and support, ensuring all systems, from managed services to state-of-the-art security platforms, are seamlessly integrated. Working in close partnership with their clients, Blacktip IT develops and manages strategic plans that align with budgetary constraints and strengthen competitive advantage. 

The Challenge

Blacktip IT’s mission to deliver seamless IT services was facing several challenges: 

  • Time-Consuming IT Processes: Routine IT tasks, particularly those involving Microsoft 365 management, were laborious and time-intensive. 
  • Operational Bottlenecks: Slow processes in user account management were causing delays, negatively impacting customer satisfaction and operational throughput. 
  • Productivity Constraints: The manual workload limited the team’s capacity to engage in more strategic, value-added activities. 

Why Pia aiDesk

Blacktip IT chose Pia aiDesk to address these challenges due to its ability to automate complex IT processes effectively. Key decision points included: 

  • Advanced Automation: Pia aiDesk offered advanced automation capabilities for IT processes that were previously manual and time-consuming. 
  • Seamless PSA Integration: The platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate with Blacktip IT’s existing ticket system, Connectwise, was a significant advantage. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Pia aiDesk’s interface was intuitive, making it easy for the team to adopt and use the system with minimal training. 
  • Comprehensive Onboarding and Support: The support team at Pia aiDesk was known for their quick response times and effective onboarding, facilitating a smooth transition for Blacktip IT. 
  • Community Endorsement: Positive feedback from the IT Nation community about Pia aiDesk’s impact further confirmed the decision. 
Pia has significantly increased our operational speed. This efficiency translates directly into customer satisfaction, as tasks are completed more swiftly than ever before. Our customers frequently express their astonishment and delight, offering unsolicited praise about our rapid turnaround times. They often say things like, 'Oh my goodness, I didn't expect this to be done within two minutes!' But with Pia, that's the new norm; most tasks are completed in two minutes or less, a testament to Pia's rapid execution.
- Emma Bookspan, Tech Ops Manager,

The results

The integration of Pia aiDesk has led to impressive results for Blacktip IT: 

Efficiency Gains

The time to resolve tickets was reduced by about 75%, significantly improving overall operational efficiency. 

Customer Delight

Service delivery times were drastically reduced, often completed in under two minutes, leading to high customer satisfaction. 

Enhanced Employee Productivity

The efficiency provided by Pia aiDesk allowed staff to handle multiple tickets simultaneously, boosting productivity. 

Cost Savings

The reduced time spent on each ticket has led to thousands of dollars saved each month in labor for Blacktip IT.

Faster Authentication

he new multi-factor authentication capabilities of Pia aiDesk have streamlined and significantly reduced the time spent on Microsoft authentication-related tickets.


The adoption of Pia aiDesk by Blacktip IT signifies a pivotal step in their commitment to operational excellence and customer service innovation. Beyond measurable efficiencies, it showcases a forward-thinking approach in harnessing technology to elevate both client experience and workplace dynamics. The substantial cost savings realized through Pia aiDesk’s integration reiterate Blacktip IT’s strategic focus on leveraging technology for economic efficiency. 

Looking ahead, the evolving capabilities of Pia aiDesk suggest a roadmap of continuous improvement and adaptation for Blacktip IT, allowing them to stay ahead in the competitive landscape of IT services. This case study exemplifies the transformative potential of technology and sets a benchmark for others in the industry aiming for similar advancements. With Pia aiDesk, Blacktip IT is not just keeping pace with technological evolution; they are actively shaping a future where their operations are as streamlined and client-focused as possible.

About Pia aiDesk

Pia aiDesk is an intelligent automation platform that integrates with existing IT service management tools to streamline processes, free up resources, and boost operational efficiencies for managed services providers (MSPs).

Pia combines hyperautomation technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation, and the Pia Chatbot to quickly analyze, route, and action repetitive tasks, such as user creation, password or virtual private network (VPN) resets, domain name system (DNS) flushing, and active administration changes.

Pia’s globally patented aiDesk solution enables MSPs to reduce business costs, improve client service time, increase employee satisfaction, and deliver consistent service.

Pia really amplifies our efficiency, especially when we're swamped with tickets. It's a huge relief for our employees—they don't have to scramble as much, even when things are hectic. They simply let Pia handle the necessary tasks, and once that's handled, they wrap up the ticket while already addressing the next one. This has been a massive boon; they actually enjoy using the system. The ease of training on Pia aiDesk was the cherry on top—we got the hang of it quickly, and it's become a natural part of our workflow. This has made us a lot more efficient across the board, which is why we leverage it for nearly every ticket we can.
- Emma Bookspan, Tech Ops Manager, Blacktip IT

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