What is Pia aiDesk?

What is Pia aiDesk

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you know that keeping up to date with the latest technology is vital for your business’s and your customer’s success. 

In today’s fast-paced technology landscape, finding solutions that mitigate your pain points and support your business growth is essential. One of the biggest challenges MSPs face is managing their service desk so that the technicians are not overworked and tickets are solved promptly. 

Automating tickets on your service desk enables you to work through tickets quickly and efficiently. The process of automation helps you save time, money, and resources by taking the more time-consuming, repetitive, and mundane tasks off your technician’s plate. In doing so, your techs will have more time to focus on other key aspects of their roles, which contribute to the growth and success of your business.  

Pia’s aiDesk can help you do all of the above and more. As an intelligent automation solution that works to improve operational efficiency through process optimization, Pia aiDesk can help you reduce business costs, improve your ticket resolution time, and enable you to refocus your attention on growing and scaling your business. 

How does Pia aiDesk work?  

Pia aiDesk is an Intelligent Automation (IA) tool built for MSPs by an MSP. Pia aiDesk utilizes Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recommend pre-built automations to help resolve and reduce the time your technicians spend on tickets. It does this by taking the most mundane and time-consuming tickets, such as password resets, new user creations, and terminations, and automates the process needed to resolve them. This means your technicians can spend more time on other key aspects of their roles, leaving aiDesk to it!    

Pia aiDesk is PSA agnostic, so it directly integrates with your ticketing system, so your technicians don’t need to worry about using another tool to complete their work. Pia aiDesk also has over 60 pre-built automations ranging from Level 1 tasks, such as setting up an out-of-office, to Level 2 issues, such as troubleshooting a VPN setup. All 60 are available straight away, and we continue to work on more automations each month.   

Why do you need Pia aiDesk for your MSP?  

As well as saving you time, money, and resources, Pia aiDesk will help improve other areas of your business, such as employee and customer satisfaction.   

8X faster customer ticket resolution times  

Pia aiDesk works to resolve tickets up to 8X faster, drastically reducing the time your technicians spend working on a single issue.   

400-500% improvement in ticket closure rates  

Pia aiDesk enables your technicians to work on multiple tickets at any time, dramatically increasing your ticket closure rate.   

50% service ticket workload absorption   

Within a year of implementation, Pia aiDesk will be able to reduce your technician’s workload by up to 50%  

40% improvement in staff retention  

Not only does Pia aiDesk minimize the time your technicians spend on mundane tickets, but it also enables them to invest their time into their skill set. They will have more time to invest in customer onboarding, technical support, and new projects. This will ensure your technicians remain happy and engaged within their roles, and you will retain top talent!   

At Pia, our aim is to take the stress out of your day-to-day tasks, so you can spend more time focusing on growing, scaling, and maintaining a profitable business. 

To learn how Pia aiDesk can help you do all that and more, why not book a demo today? 

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