SmartForms: A Time-Saving Leap for MSPs 

SmartForms A Time Saving Leap for MSPs
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Aron Hardy-Bardsley

Pia, CTO

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are relentlessly pursuing efficiency, where time saved translates directly into enhanced service quality and profitability. SmartForms, an innovative feature of Pia’s Platform, is revolutionizing MSP operations by automating client interactions with a sophistication previously unattainable.  

The Challenge of Incomplete Information 

Every MSP knows the drill: a client sends an email requesting a new user setup, but the essential details are missing. This starts a cycle of back-and-forth communication, sapping time and energy. SmartForms cut through this inefficiency by providing a digital form that guides clients through the information-gathering process, ensuring all necessary details are captured from the outset. 

Beyond Traditional Digital Forms 

SmartForms transcend traditional digital form software by interacting with clients’ environments in real time through Pia’s integrations and agents. This means that when a form is being filled out, it queries for information live, eliminating the need for maintaining separate lists or databases. This live interaction ensures that selections for groups, users, or mailboxes are accurate and current, streamlining the process even further. 

The Zero-Touch Automation Difference 

Imagine a world where your client needs a new user set up, and all they have to do is fill out a SmartForm. No more copying and pasting from emails into systems, no more manual user creation—SmartForms handles it all. With Zero Touch Automation, the form not only captures the required information but also executes the request automatically, creating the user without any manual intervention from your engineers, freeing their time from tedious tasks and ensuring rapid service delivery. 

Customization and White Labeling: Your Service, Your Brand 

SmartForms are designed to be versatile, ready to serve all your clients, not just one. With fully supported out-of-the-box solutions and the ability to create or customize forms, SmartForms integrates seamlessly into any MSP’s service offering. The white-labeled portal means SmartForms appear as your own, reinforcing your brand, while Pia remains the silent partner in your success. 

The Comprehensive Time Savings of SmartForms 

By using SmartForms, MSPs save time on multiple fronts: 

  • No back-and-forth emails for information collection. 
  • No interpretation of client requests that can vary in format. 
  • No verification of incorrect information, such as outdated department names or managers who’ve left the company. 
  • No manual data entry from emails to target systems for user creation. 

And that’s just the beginning. SmartForms also automate the requests, leading to additional savings: 

  • Automated ticket triage and dispatch with Pia Triage. 
  • Automatic user creation in systems without manual server logins. 
  • An end-to-end managed new user process without the need for task lists or documentation. 
  • Automatic audit logs and time tracking with Pia Canvas. 
  • Self-verification of the new user creation by Pia throughout the process. 

After the Fact: Ongoing Time Savings 

Even after a request is made, SmartForms continues to save time: 

  • Clients can check the status of their requests via the portal, reducing the need for follow-up calls or emails. 
  • Consistent, error-free new user creation by Pia means fewer technical escalations. 

Step into the Future with SmartForms on Pia’s Platform 

SmartForms extend beyond being a mere feature; they are a competitive edge for MSPs. By automating data collection, eliminating repetitive tasks, and keeping clients informed in real-time, SmartForms redefines service desk efficiency.  

For MSPs aiming to enhance their service delivery, reduce operational costs, and boost client satisfaction, SmartForms is the way forward. It’s a strategic step toward the future of client interaction automation, where efficiency and client contentment are in perfect sync. 

SmartForms signify the future of service desk automation for MSPs. Adopting SmartForms on Pia’s Platform is essential for those poised to progress. To discover the transformative impact of SmartForms on your operations, visit today and book a demo of Pia aiDesk. Stand with the forward-thinking MSPs who aren’t just following the future—they’re driving it with SmartForms and Pia aiDesk. 

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