Automate your service desk with Pia aiDesk

Designed for MSPs, our AI-led automation platform will boost your productivity and efficiency, all while seamlessly integrating with your existing PSA

Pia aiDesk

Pia aiDesk isn’t your ordinary workflow solution – it’s a cutting-edge, AI-led platform designed to supercharge your service desk through the power of hyperautomation.

Seamless Integration

Pia aiDesk seamlessly integrates with your existing PSA tool, bringing the chatbot and automations right into your engineers' ticketing system, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

AI-Assisted Ticket Triage

No more manual ticket handling! Pia aiDesk's AI-driven ticket triage system efficiently categorizes and routes tickets.

Extended Platform

Use our 60+ pre-built automations to streamline your engineering tasks or create your own custom automations to take your service desk productivity to the next level.

Ultimate Security

Be at ease knowing that Pia aiDesk's ISO 2700,  SOC2 and HIPAA Certifications along with GDPR compliance, ensure your data is safeguarded and fully compliant.

Plans and pricing

12 Months

License Fee
  • US$3,000 One-off Implementation Fee
  • 90-Day Break Clause

36 Months

License Fee
  • US$3,000 One-off Implementation Fee
  • 90-Day Break Clause

Special Offer
36 Months

License Fee
  • US$2,000 One-off Implementation Fee
  • 90-Day Break Clause

*Terms and conditions: Offer applicable only to new customers. To enjoy exclusive Pia aiDesk pricing, a 3-year contract must be signed before September 30, 2023. Customers with less than 500 endpoints are eligible for this special pricing but will incur an additional $500 USD monthly base fee. Customers with over 20,000 endpoints might be eligible for further discounts. All prices, packages, and options are subject to availability and to change without notice. Additional restrictions may apply.

Unmatched Efficiency

Pia aiDesk goes beyond being a mere service desk solution – it’s a transformative powerhouse for your MSP. By harnessing the power of AI and hyperautomation, Pia aiDesk revolutionizes your service desk operations in multiple ways, setting a new standard for efficiency.

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