Pia aiDesk
Product Update
May Edition

  • Thursday, May 16, 2024
  • 9 AM PST | 11 AM CST | 12 PM EST | 5 PM BST
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What you can expect

Join us this May for an exclusive edition of the Pia aiDesk Product Update Webinar Series, where you’ll gain firsthand insight into our latest innovations and performance upgrades, developed by the Pia Product Team.

Hosted by Tim Coach, Pia Chief of Channel, this session promises to showcase an array of thrilling enhancements designed to elevate your Pia experience:

  • Pia SmartForms: Introducing a zero-touch automation add-on for Pia aiDesk, allowing clients to submit tickets that are autonomously processed by Pia without engineer intervention, streamlining your IT help desk.
  • Automation 8.0 Release: Discover our latest automation additions to Pia aiDesk, engineered to further accelerate your ticket resolution process.
  • New CSP Integrations: With our newest integrations with Pax8, Dicker Data and Microsoft Partner Portal, managing license provisioning and de-provisioning has never been easier. Now, you can handle these tasks directly through Pia aiDesk, making it a reality at your fingertips.
  • Pia Config Watcher: Introducing a novel solution to ensure your configuration data remains accurate and prevents automation mishaps. The Pia Config Watcher performs daily checks and alerts you of any discrepancies through the config dashboard or email.

This webinar is your gateway to staying ahead with Pia’s technological advancements and refreshing your knowledge on optimizing your IT help desk with Pia aiDesk. Don’t miss out on this enriching experience‚ÄĒregister today to unlock the full potential of Pia aiDesk!


Tim Coach

Tim Coach

Pia Chief of Channel

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